i don’t think you understand how violently protective i can be of fictional characters

#there are at least five characters in the world that I would physically fight you over

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How did the world not implode? 

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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

I was hoping this was What Would You Do when I saw the first image.

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everyone says they want a fairytale wedding but when i show up and curse their firstborn suddenly i’m the jerk

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kids that look exactly like one of their parents are so weird, it’s like they’re the lowercase and uppercase versions of a person

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"To clones? Yeah, I’m not buying that."

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What do we say to the God of Death?

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Natalie Lisinska and Michael Mando talks about Tatiana’s Golden Globe nomination at 2014 Canadian Screen Awards Red Carpet

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minimalist posters – clone club
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"I’ve got two daughters and I expect them to be treated just like anybody’s sons." —President Obama on equal pay for women

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